Clifford Fajardo at a Spartan Race


Hey, I'm Clifford Fajardo.

I'm a software engineer at LinkedIn. I work on the Growth/Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team, where I spend my time creating blazing fast web apps and experiences.

Before LinkedIn, I worked at where I built web applications empowering non-profits and educational institutions around the world.

I love developing for the web, building communities, blogging, contributing to open source and creating awesome apps like Cato 😎.

Clifford Fajardo speaking at in front of a crowd.

My path towards becoming a software engineer can be considered unconventional, but I'm happy that I took a big risk to chase my dreams. Now, I'm reaping the benefits by being able to do impactful work everyday.

When I'm not coding, you'll probably find me reading, blogging, trainning for races or grubbing at Bronco Billies Pizza with my twin brother, Oliver.