Wired Differently: What the Mindsets of the Lion and Gazelle Can Teach Us

We all think and see the world differently. It's important to reflect on whether our current mindset is helping us become the best versions of ourselves.

June 12, 2018 - 2 minute read -

lion staring at gazelle

This writing is inspired by a speech Eric Thomas gave called ‘I’m Wired Differently’ and the famous African proverb about the lion and gazelle.

Everyday when a lion wakes up it knows it needs to go hunt. On the hand other, the gazelle knows that in order to stay alive another day it must outrun the lion or outrun the slowest of it’s heard. One is always hunting, the other is always running.

In the animal kingdom there is a food chain that animals can’t break out of, unlike humans can. We as humans have the incredible ability to adapt the way we are currently wired with regards to our thoughts and beliefs and can choose any moment to become hunter’s of our goals, fears and challenges OR the prey of life, fear and and difficult circumstances.

Lion Mindset

We’ve all at some point have ran away something. Perhaps it was public speaking, giving honest and constructive feedback to a someone or taking a leap of faith towards pursuing our dream by following an unconventional path.

There is no guarantee that a lion will catch it’s prey the next day. Even though there is some uncertainty in the lion’s future, it doesn’t panic, it doesn’t fear, it focuses on what it can do on the present, it doesn’t back down from a hunt. If the lion needs to wake up earlier than usual to catch it’s prey it will do it. If it needs to wait patiently for a few hours in the fields, it will do it. Regardless of the situation, the Lion knows what it needs to do - it’s non-negotiable. He’s wired differently like a champion.

Gazelle Mindset

The gazelle, in it’s world, needs to run from the lion in order to survive. Fortunately, we don’t need to run like gazelles to survive, but we cannot subscribe to running from our challenges. Life will always through challenges at us. If we wish to thrive and flourish we must adopt a similar fearless and resolute mindset like the lion in pursuit of his hunt. In our case, hunt what you may say? Our goals, fears, challenges, our limiting beliefs and anything else that’s in the path towards our goals.