Times I Turn Off My Emotions

Our emotions are powerful. Before making a decision, it's important to pause and self-reflect.

May 9, 2018 - 2 minute read -

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Our emotions are powerful. Have you ever made a decision while feeling distressed, anxious or angry? How about making a decision when you were feeling hopeful, overly optimistic or confident? More often than not, when we make decisions while we are in our emotional states, things don’t turn out well. Here some of my personal observations concerning emotional decision making:

Common Consequences of Emotional Decision Making

  • Decisions made while feeling emotional are rarely driven by sound reasoning and logic.
  • Emotions are fleeting, not reliable and come and go very quickly.
  • When we’re emotional, our thoughts and heart rate are constantly changing, making it difficult to focus.

Examples of When Times I Turn Off My Emotions

  • At the gym. I need to be laser focused to push my body to it’s limits & finish my workout under time constraints.
  • At work. My work requires a lot of concentration and deep work. When I don’t turn off my emotions, I struggle with focus and exercising my creative abilities.
  • Before making a big decision. I often sleep on a thought for a few days and talk about it with few people before making a big decision. This has saved me from making rash decisions so many times.

Managing our emotional state is easier said then done. However, the good news is that with time, I’ve found that you can train yourself to pause and assess yourself when you’re angry, distressed, sad, overly confident or in some similar emotional state.

What are your thoughts on emotional descision making? Have you had more positive or negative experiences with emotional decision making?