The Power of Two

Alone you can get a lot done, but even on your best day you can't get close to achieving what you can with two or more people.

July 6, 2018 - 2 minute read -

two people people running silhouette

Working solo. It’s easy, you don’t need to worry about much, just about yourself. But did you know that you could be missing out on lots of growth opportunities when you decide to work solo all of the time?

Case #1: The Single Belgian Horse Team

The Belgian horse is one of the biggest and strongest horses on earth. Alone, this massive horse can pull about 7500 pounds! With those numbers, it can be easy for our mind to simply accept this amazing feat as it is and forget about it.

But, what if this horse is ambitious and want to pull more than 7500lbs?

Case #2: The Double Beglian Horse Team

No surprises here, but if you put two random Belgian horses together side-by-side, they can pull 15,000 lbs! Take that 7500 pound goal! At this point, the results of adding another horse didn’t seem that significant. But wait, let me ask you a few questions:

  • Is adding another horse the only way we could increase increase our weight pull to 20,000 or even 25,000 pounds?
  • Is 15,000 lbs is the most these two belgian horses can pull?

As stated previously, one Belgian horse can at most pull 7500 lbs with rigorous trainning. Logically you would think that 15,000 pounds would be the most two well trainned horses could pull together, provided the information I’ve shared.

Check this out. When the you assemble a dream team composed of two highly trained Belgian horses who have trainned together for a long time and who share the same aligned mindset, they can pull 25,000 pounds!

Why is This Important?

When we surround ourselves with the right people and environment, we can accomplish unimaginable amounts of important work. Many of us have big dreams we would like to accomplish, but even on our best days we can’t get anywhere close to what we can accomplish with the right people by our side.

Closing Thoughts

Are you surrounding yourself with people to help you get to where you want in your life? Who are some people you need to work with more often or reach out to? Are you staying in your comfort zone by working by yourself too much?