The Man I Buried

A short reflection on my old and present self.

June 10, 2018 - 2 minute read -

cemetery with sun setting in the background.

When I was younger, especially during my days in highschool, I focused a lot on how others would perceive me, my appearance, the brand of cloth I wore, the type of music others would listen to and make assumptions of others based on external or materialistic factors, that is without even meeting them. O boy, what a limited way of thinking and living I was subscribing to.

What I’m Interested Today

  • everyday working towards the best version of myself physically
  • everyday working towards best version of myself mentally
  • self-mastery
  • becoming more efficient human being
  • building efficient and scalable systems to improve the lives of others
  • creating, not just consuming
  • surrounding myself with amazing people, who dare to dream big, who are passionate, intelligent in their own way, and most importantly are open minded
  • creating generational wealth for my family and the community around me
  • building compound habits that will accelerate my life’s trajectory
  • spending time with family and friends
  • watching movies and reading books, which allow me to feel like I’m living across time and space, vicariously, through the biographies and characters I learn about
  • breaking down mental barriers
  • attending conferences to meet new people and hone in on my craft
  • sharing my learning experiences with others with the internet
  • listening to podcasts
  • mentoring and coaching the younger generation before me and helping them dream big and win big in life

Creating an extraordinary life doesn’t come from owning nice things, it comes from becoming a better person everyday. Naturally, as you better yourself, the external rewards come to you unexpectedly like a nice gift. My old self, the man I buried, serves as reminder to me of how much my view point and perspective on life has changed.

Don’t let yourself live the same year more than once. When you look back at the past few years of your life, do you see progress? Are you becoming who you set out to be? Are you living the life you envisioned?