Favorite Quotes from Power of Concentration Book

A few quotes from each chapter from Power of Concentration by William Walker Atkinson.

April 21, 2018 - 6 minute read -
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1.Concentration Finds A Way

  • The man that is chosen at a crucial time is not usually a genius; he does not possess any more talent than others, but he has learned that results can only be produced by untiring concentrated effort.
  • The person with grit and will may be poor today and wealthy in a few years.
  • Always look at the advantage you gain by overcoming obstacles, and it will give you the needed courage for their conquest.

2. The Self Mastery: Self-Direction Power of Concentration

  • It is impossible to concentrate when you are in excited states.
  • The person that cannot direct his thoughts, wishes, plans, resolutions and studies cannot possibly succeed to the fullest extent.
  • When you concentrate [on yourself], you [begin] to develop concentration and a higher opinion of yourself
  • When we study [a person’s action], we are studying their mind. Because actions are the expressions of the mind. As the mind is, so is the action.

3.How to Gain What You Want Through Concentration

  • I’ll find a way or make one is that spirit that wins.
  • The omnipotent interior law which is God, and the organism which represents you is able to conquer the whole world if your cause is absolutely just.
  • The power to rule is within you.
  • At the same time that you break down barriers of limitation, new ambitions will be awakened.
  • By your will you can so organize the powers of the mind that your moods change only as you want them to not as circumstances affect you.

6.The Training of the Will to Do

  • Find out your greatest weakness and then use your willpower to overcome it.
  • Through my will power, I dare do what I want to.
  • For your life is molded to great extent by the use you make of your will.

7.Concentrated Mental Demand

  • So if you wish to emerge into prominence, you must accomplish something more than the ordinary man or woman.
  • In order to persevere you must be ceaseless in your application. [..] concentrate your thoughts upon your undertaking and bring every energy to bear upon keeping them focused until you have accomplished your aim. To quit short of this is to weaken all future efforts.

8.Concentration Gives Mental Poise

  • There cannot be perfect concentration until there is a peace of mind.
  • We are what we are today as a result of our internal conditions.
  • You can make those that you come in contact with feel as you do, because you radiate vibrations of the way you feel, and your vibrations are felt by others.

9.Concentration Can Overcome Bad Habits

  • Habits mean less risk, less fatigue and greater accuracy.
  • But it is when we are in the midsts of trials and misfortunes, when we think we are sinking & feel overwhelmed, that it’s critical to realize that we are linked to a greater power [God], and if we live as we should, [there is nothing that can harm or deter us from realizing our goals.]

10.Business Results Through Concentration

  • Desire is a great creative force, if it is pure, intense & sustained.
  • Don’t be afraid of big undertaking. Go at them with grit. You may not meet with entire success, but you will have aimed so high that if you fall you will still have achieved a great amount.
  • Your higher self never winces, SO BE A MAN, and remember to summon your inner power. You will always have plenty of strength to complete your desire, so as long as you remember these things.
  • When there is something wrong, you are attracting non-beneficial influences, because you are not in harmony with what you are doing.

11.Concentrate on Courage

  • The lack of courage creates financial, as well mental & moral difficulties.
  • When you believe with all your mind and heart and soul that you can do something, you thereby develop the courage to steadily and confidently live up to that belief.

12.Concentrate on Wealth

  • If you acquire wealth unjustly from others, you are misusing your forces,; but if your wealth comes through the right sources you will be blessed. Through wealth we can do things to uplift ourselves and humanity.
  • A man may be as industrious as he can possibly be, but if he does not use his mental forces he will be a laborer, to be directed by the man that uses to good advantage his mental forces.

13. You Can Concentrate But Will You?

  • The Lord helps those who help themselves.
  • The trouble with most persons is that just as soon as they see their way blocked they lose courage. They forget that usually there is a around the difficulty. It’s up to you to find it.
  • There is nothing that develops you and increases your courage like work. If it were not for work, how monotonous life would at last become!

14. The Art of Concentrating with Practical Exercises

  • But be ever on the lookout for opportunities for the practice of self-control.
  • [……..] too many awesome exercies to list

16. How Concentration Can Fulfill your Desire

  • Remember the first step in concentration is to form a mental image, of you wish to accomplish. This image becomes a thought-seed that attracts thoughts of a similar nature.
  • Just put forth the necessary concentrated effort and you will be wonderfully be helped from sources unknown to you.

17. Ideals developed by Concentration

  • It was never intended that man should suffer. He has brought it upon himself by disobeying the laws of nature.
  • You must give some hours to concentrated, consistent, persistent thought. You must study yourself and your weaknesses.
  • Your happiness and success depend on your ideals. Your future depends upon the ideals you are forming now. If you want a bright future you must begin to prepare for it today.

18. Mental Control through Creation

  • If the environment of your place of business is not helpful, it will be harmful. That is why a change of position will often do a person a great deal of good.
  • The attitude we take has a great deal more to do with our success than most of us realize. We must be able to generate those forces that are helpful.

19. A Concentrated Will Development

  • You can make your Will a dynamo to draw to you untold power. [You can strengthen you will], just as you strengthen your muscles by athletic exercises.
  • There is a feeling of power when you are able to carry out your will.

20. Concentration Reviewed

  • Those that lack this great power [concentration] or, rather that fail to develop it, will generally suffer from poverty and unhappiness and their life’s work will most often be a failure, while those that develop and use it will make the most of life’s opportunities.

  • Never say I can’t concentrate today. You can do it just the minute you say ‘I will’. You can keep your thoughts from straying, just the same as you can control your arms.

  • Whenever you feel like saying, “I can’t”, say instead, “I possess all will and I can use as much as I wish.”