New Website Updates 2018

Details on my new website configuration and why I'm excited about it.

May 2, 2018 - 2 minute read -

Version 1.0 of

Finally after about 3 weeks of prototyping and building different versions of my website, I’ve got my website up again smoothly. I’m looking forward to posting a lot more now that my website workflow is easier than it was before.

I’ll keep updating this page throughout the year to document my website optimization journey. I did a thorough audit of my site before starting this, so expect to see some data published here soon.

Some features of my website:

  • All the content is statically generated (no database involved!) so it’s blazing fast.
  • The website is hosted on github as a repo using Jekyll. This is awesome for me as a software engineer because it means all I need to do to publish a new post is create a markdown file and push it to my github repo!
  • It’s SEO optimized using structured data and social meta tags in my webpages to help search engines make my content more discoverable.
  • It has a very minimal amount of CSS and almost no javascript.

Further Optimizations

I’m very happy with 1.0 version of my new website. The important thing is that it’s now live up running. Over the next few weeks I’ll be making incremental performance optimizations for the websites and doing other technical plumbing tasks like:

  • implement ‘preload’, ‘dns-prefetch’ intelligently and test it.
  • look into compressing my CSS stylesheets even more with something like CSS modules. I’ll need to do research on how to do this with my particular setup.
  • use service workers to make my website a progressive web app AKA a website people can you and browse offline! This is almost done.
  • play around more with the design of my website

Version 2.0 of

Coming soon!