Neglecting To Do The Easy Things Everyday will Cost You Your Dream

June 3, 2018 - 3 minute read -

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The Power of Consistent Action

Six months ago in, I began working out with a personal fitness trainer. Since then, I’ve seen tremendous growth and progress in my health and strength. I’m now able do 1-leg squats, handstand holds and 1-arm pushups. When I reflect upon my journey, I’m still in awe of the progress I’ve made.

The biggest takeaway from this 6-month experience has been deeply internalizing and witnessing the power of consistent action over time. I think we all know the power of consistency from an intellectual standpoint, but living through it has changed my perspective on my entire life. I’ve carried the habits and wins from my fitness life into my work and my personal life. I’m achieving my dreams and getting closer to achieving others ones.

Now that I’m winning in some areas of my life, I’m now working towards winning in other areas. Interestingly, life now feels fun and awesome like a video game; I now have the cheat code, (which isn’t really a cheat code) the proven and tested winning strategy - taking consistent action.

The Power of Consistent Neglect

Just as how our life can continue moving in one-direction with consistent action, consistent inaction can lead our life in another direction - an to a unfulfilling life.

Jim Rohn put’s it best when he shares how consisent neglect or inaction can lead to a life you never envisioned:

Here’s the problem with NEGLECT. It starts off as an infection and if you don’t take care of it, it becomes a disease. Here’s what else is the problem, one NEGLECT leads to another. NEGLECT to do wise things to do with your money and you’ll probably NEGLECT to do wise things with your time. NEGLECT to do wise things with your time and you’ll probably NEGLECT to do wise things with your business. One leads to another leads to another. Pretty soon NEGLECT has you by the throat! Emptying your purse, emptying your heart and emptying your chances for equity & power and all of the good things. What if you should be walking around the block for your good health and you don’t? I’m telling you, you are on the wrong track! You should do it, you don’t do it, that’s called a formula for disaster! All you have to do is let that & a few other things accumulate for 6 years and now your driving what you don’t want to drive, wearing what you don’t want to wear, living where you don’t want to live, doing what you don’t want to do, maybe becoming something you really didn’t want to become. I’m telling you that’s it! Just NEGLECT along, drift along and it’s got you by the throat! It will take all your values, leave you with just a little bit of dust in the summer wind and it will soon be gone.”

What are some easy things which you know you should be doing but you are not? Time is ticking. Only you have the power to realize your dream and full potential.