Mac Developer Productivity Workflow

A few of my Alfred programming productivity workflows in action.

October 20, 2015 - 2 minute read -

##Alfred App Alfred app for Mac is without a doubt my most used and favorite application on Mac. If you’ve used spotlight search on Mac then Alfred should feel very familiar to you. In essence, Alfred is a free application task launcher on steroids! Below are some of the tasks I frequently do that have been automated with Alfred.

Opening a file or folder on my computer in my text editor, Sublime Text: alfred workflow example

Finding documentation on a web development topic: alfred workflow example

Find a folder via search & open it in the terminal alfred workflow example

Opening selected folder in Finder inside Terminal, then from terminal to Finder: alfred workflow example

Kill processes (great for unresponsive apps) alfred workflow example

Show Trash, Restart, Shutdown, Lock, and Sleep your Computer (Spotlight currently doesn’t do this) alfred workflow example

Send messages on Slack and iMessages in seconds: alfred workflow example

Searches for Youtube, Amazon, Linkedin, Twitter, Google..and a lot more: alfred workflow example

According my Alfred App, since May 20, 2015 I’ve launched the Application 4020 times. If on average each task I didn’t do on Alfred takes 5 seconds then I have saved over 350 minutes (being very conservative) worth of keystrokes since in the past 5 months.

Stuff I didn’t cover:

  • Alfred can accept url links in it’s search bar, which allows you to launch web pages
  • You can create your own workflows in Python, JavaScript, Ruby and a slew of other languages
  • Sharing your own workflows or downloading other user-creates ones on

Next computer productivity goals:

  • learn to web browse using Vimium and learn VIM key bindings
  • extend my bash and zsh profile

Check out this video of Alfred in use here