Sorry. Hope and Prayer Alone Won't Accomplish Your Goals.

It's easier to hope & pray than it is to take action. The only way to progress is through action.

June 1, 2018 - 2 minute read -

man praying during sunrise.

So you tell God:

“I want to be healthy. I want to be mentally strong. I don’t want to simply be successful, I want to flourish. I want to stop my bad habit of doing X. I want to attract amazing people into my life. I want to work more productively and get more work done.”

What’s going to happen next? Will your goals become a reality? Are relying on chance or hope to achieve your goals? The only way manifest your dreams and goals into reality is to consistently take action towards them.

Many of my friends are now starting to take notice of my 360° degree life turn around. They’re now seeking advice and help from me. I talk with a lot of them and I’m reminded of where I was a few years ago. These are the questions that I tend to ask myself, and more recently, them:

  • What time do you wake up every single day?
  • Where do you have your goals written down?
  • What’s your specific and quantifiable goal and why?
  • What are thing you are doing well already every single day to become a better person?
  • What are the habits that have shaped your current conditions in life?
  • What negative consequences have you already experienced as a result of not having achieved your goal yet?
  • What additional negative consequences will show up in the future if you don’t achieve your goal?
  • When life gets incredibly difficult, what the reason WHY you will continue?
  • Are you constantly putting yourself in new and uncomfortable situations everyday to grow?
  • What books or podcasts are you reading or listening to in order to learn from the experts who are already doing what you desire?
  • What limited beliefs, commonly recurring negative thoughts or worries that you have about yourself?
  • Are you attending meetups to surround yourself with like-minded people who are either working towards the same goal or have already achieved them?

Be honest. Have you been praying and hoping and not taking enough action? If so, I invite you to start your amazing journey towards your destination. It won’t be easy and there will be hardships, but remember God helps men and women who help themselves.