Add a description attribute to each tag yaml


  • see SEO moz’s home page and subpages….they are dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lazy load images

Download a lazy-loader library. Ex: <img lazy-load-src=""> …if user has js disable img[lazy-load] {display: none;}


  • remove all SCSS that’s not used.
  • compress all css with webpack
  • lazy-load images
  • compress images
  • use preload scripts, preload DNS

Setup drafts folder……………….

  • queue blog posts in here

Nice to have

extract text and create json file to load…..maybe I can put this in a service worker. It can grab half a list and the other sevice worker the other hald

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Bundle analyzer from PWA course

I can think a whole blog post through in my mind, but it comes down to writing it feels different. why can i type at the speed of my thoguhts?

Advice to my younger self

  • I’m feeling stuck in life, what should I do?
  • How do I find my passion?
  • Change your thoughts about success and failure
  • Ready Fire Aim
  • Building Wealth
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Read more books

Lessons Learned from 30 days of writing:

  • choosing images…can take a long time (lion vs gazelle). It’s important but also want your readers to capture to spirit of the story your telling.

layout: post title: “How I Discovered my Passion and Transitioned into Pursuing it Full Time.” description: “A short reflection on my old and present self.” thumb_image: “/assets/images/posts/person-holding-magnifying-glass.jpg” tags: [miscellaneous] — magnifying glass focusing on building.

Work In Progress….publishing something is better than nothing..for now =)

It all started during my second year of community college. At that time, I was studying political science and my were plans to pursue a career in law, transfer to UC Berkeley to finish my undergrad, attend a top 5 law school for graduate school and work in big law for a years. At this time, I thought I liked law because of a government class I took my last year in highschool. That coupled with the shows I was watching the past year and half called Suits, a show about big law lawyers, had me thinking law was prestigious and cool. You know what’s not cool? Pursuing something you are really not interested about

The Midnight Crisis

Well, all those plans changed one night at 2am when I was up finishing a research paper. I started reflecting on my life and started asking myself questions:

  • Can you really see yourself enjoying being a lawyer?
  • Have you actually shadowed people who are doing what you are intending to do?
  • Have you done an internship to expose yourself to what the career actually entails?
  • Do you like writing enough? It’s going to be a big part of your lawyer career.
  • If things didn’t go to plan and you couldn’t attend a top 5 law school, would you still be interested in pursuing law?
  • If you didn’t land a big law job right after law school, are you willing to work a average salary job to pay off a $100,000 debt for your law degree?
  • Can you see yourself doing this for more than 5 years? Law school is a big investment.
  • Are you sure you really want to be a lawyer or do you really just want the prestige of your fancy elite degrees and job title?

  • What do you really like doing?
  • You know you like working with technology. You watch YouTube videos all day about fixing computers, about Linux, Ubuntu and bunch of other stuff.

Facing Resistance

I had thoughts about changing my major, but I didn’t like the thought of changing my major and starting all over. I was already very close to transferring to UC Berkeley so I decided to stick it out with the same major and pursue my interests through elective courses and dedicating time I was free to learning more about the world of tech and IT.

Tough Times at Home

My First Glimpse into Tech with Year Up

My Jump Into the Tech World

  • salesforce

Discovering Hack Reactor

Following the blogs of Mark Wilbur, Jeff Lee, Hack Reactor workshop, Telegraph Prep

Making the Jump: Turning Down A Full Ride from UC Berkeley, UCLA & UC Santa Barbara to Become

Imposter Syndrome

How I Knew Software Engineering was for me

  • coding for 8 hours

Where I Am Today

  • Salesforce –> LinkedIn
  • launched my own apps,
  • athletic trainning
  • happy -w0ot

Should I be using floats

example of linkedin's footer
example of estelles column count example.

Using floats for the right job....image around text....

but it's just so easy...I know I had the same thought's to..should I be using CSS floats still ..I noticed a disparaity in our codebase...
use the right tool for the job.