• Setting up loggin on your server in development mode

Should be a one page script Purpose:

  • when your in dev mode, it would be nice to see the endpoints your actually hitting
  • part of a series of tags (best-practices)


  • save you time

Express Middleware


Simplest 1 script example get use to writing 1 pagers PRINCIPLES OVER CRUFT

API Design

Stripes top object:

object: String representing the object’s type. Objects of the same type share the same value. created: Time at which the object was created. Measured in seconds since the Unix epoch. failure_code [string]: Error code explaining reason for top-up failure if available (see the errors section for a list of codes). failure_message [string]: Message to user further explaining reason for the failure if available.

Blog post: Good API Examples

  • Stripe

Should I Planning Before Writing Code?:

  • most of the time yes….
  • LinkedIn exp…we never got it 100% right…but…
  • GIST api…the join sections… I wanted to write real code.. after planning for abit to de-clog my brain…


Visual Studio Code Extension Review:

  • SQLite

What is discrete math?

See Srijas video and break it down…give an intro of where i am

CURL Exercises

  • WHy it’s useful…21 exercises

Useful to know because when you go to any unix computer and you don’t have all your nice graphical based tools you can just use good ol Curl.