30 Day Challenge: Drink Water

Experimenting with the effects of substituting all beverages with water.

June 2, 2018 - 1 minute read -

glass of water

I’m going to try something new and different this month. I’m taking my fitness game up another level to start seeing faster gains. Today I start my 30-day drink water only challenge when it comes to drinking any beverage! The only time of the day where I won’t drink water is when I drink my pre-workout and post workout shake.

What I Will Gain From Drinking Water for 30 Days:

  • slightly slimmer body (I’m already eating very healthy & exercising 4x week)
  • see the effects that drinking water has on my overall wellbeing when done consistently (mood, energy etc)
  • pick up the habit of drinking water more because it’s indisputably a great habit to have. Currently, I’ve only been drinking water 1-2 cups of water day. I drink lots of Almond milk, but I’m only going to limit t drinking it 1x a day during my postworkout shake.