Thoughts on Programming

August 29, 2015

Below are some of the lessons I’ve learned over the past few months as a software engineer.


  • Software is created by humans, so when software breaks be empathetic and calm.

  • Many times you need to implement naive solution to grasp a problem, then optimize for performance.
  • Google, StackOverflow, and blogs are your best friends!
  • Just because I’m not into x category of programming doesn’t mean I’m a bad programmer. Some people excel in the front end, others in the backend, others enjoy working on databases and the list goes on.
  • Separating tasks into smaller chunks helps my mind process things better.
  • Take things day by day or else you just might overwhelm yourself.
  • Don’t feel guilty about asking for help or modifying existing code to meet your own needs. In software development, building on top of foundation others have built will help you a lot. NOTE: I’m not saying don’t ever reinvent the wheel.
  • Recognizing patterns in others code will take you a long way.


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