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October 22, 2015

##Alfred App Alfred app for Mac is without a doubt my most used and favorite application on Mac. If you’ve used spotlight search on Mac then Alfred should feel very familiar to you. In essence, Alfred is a free application task launcher on steroids! Below are some of the tasks I frequently do that have been automated with Alfred.

Opening a file or folder on my computer in my text editor, Sublime Text: events-0

Finding documentation on a web development topic: events-0

Find a folder via search & open it in the terminal events-0

Opening selected folder in Finder inside Terminal, then from terminal to Finder: events-0

Kill processes (great for unresponsive apps) events-0

Show Trash, Restart, Shutdown, Lock, and Sleep your Computer (Spotlight currently doesn’t do this) events-0

Send messages on Slack and iMessages in seconds: events-0

Searches for Youtube, Amazon, Linkedin, Twitter, Google..and a lot more: events-0

According my Alfred App, since May 20, 2015 I’ve launched the Application 4020 times. If on average each task I didn’t do on Alfred takes 5 seconds then I have saved over 350 minutes (being very conservative) worth of keystrokes since in the past 5 months.

Stuff I didn’t cover:

  • Alfred can accept url links in it’s search bar, which allows you to launch web pages
  • You can create your own workflows in Python, JavaScript, Ruby and a slew of other languages
  • Sharing your own workflows or downloading other user-creates ones on

Next computer productivity goals:

  • learn to web browse using Vimium and learn VIM key bindings
  • extend my bash and zsh profile

Check out this video of Alfred in use here


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